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I am Just Like You

Yup, that's me. I was 375 pounds when that photo was taken, on a cold day in Zurich, Switzerland. I look at that picture and think about that guy. Hard to believe that used to be me! But let's rewind to the beginning...

I grew up as a skinny kid who could eat anything and not gain weight. But that all changed during college.  Too much beer, junk food and fun. Talk about denial? I was so dumb I actually thought my clothes were shrinking! 

After college I pursued a "safe" career over something more fulfilling. Dumb move. That choice made me miserable. I turned to food for comfort...and I continued packing on the pounds.

So I switched careers. That would make everything better, right?

My new gig looked perfect: great money, great benefits. But I soon realized I didn’t like the job. The money was good...the job was boring. So I raised my family, stayed unhappy, abused food...and gained more weight.

In 2003 I finally tried to take control of my health. I went through several rounds of dieting, hired a personal trainer and all that. But the weight always returned...and the cravings never went away. UGHHHH!

Fast forward to 2008 and another career change. Finally, I found a job I loved but it was super stressful. AND...I’d brought my bad habits with me. Food continued to be my comfort. My eating was completely out of control...

...and before I knew it I was 375 lbs. Constantly exhausted with barely the energy to get through the day. Sweating like a pig and out of breath. Very embarrassing.

I started having dizzy spells that were beginning to affect my work. So my physician checked me out and ran some blood work.


He called me a week later.

"Your blood work results are back and your a1c is elevated. You’re pre-diabetic.

Come back in 6 months and we’ll put you on some medication.”


Diabetes? Me? Working in the medical field, I’ve seen firsthand how diabetes destroys one’s health. I was worried for awhile, but then life interceded. I put it in the back of my mind.

A few months later I went to Switzerland on vacation. If you don't much about Switzerland, wellness is very important to the Swiss. As we toured the city, people were staring at me like I was an alien. 


Suddenly I saw myself as others saw me. It brought my obesity to the front of my mind. It made me think about being an obese diabetic. I was really scared...but my fear began to turn to anger. 

I got angry about the path I was taking. Angry because I was going to miss out on so much in life with my wife and family. This was a disease that would hurt people I loved...not just me.


I got busy and started researching the subject. I finally learned why I lose weight, only to see it come back. Why my cravings NEVER go away.


So I faced the facts, made some decisions and started making changes. Now I’m over 100 pounds lighter. But that’s not the best thing. Those cravings that tripped me up and led me back to obesity over and over again...are finally GONE.


I started this website to share my journey with others who are struggling the way I did. People who are sick and tired of chasing fad diets from celebrity fitness gurus. People who have spent tons of cash on who knows what, trying to get healthy. 


Maybe you’ve given up on ever being well. Being thin, fit and healthy. Having energy to tackle life each day. 


I was just like you. And now I’m on a journey to wellness. To being cured from the sickness of obesity.


How am I doing it? Come along and see. Check me out on Facebook and click here to sign up for the newsletter.


It's much simpler than you may think...you can do it too!